Donald Campbell's K7 jet powered water speed record Bluebird three point hydroplane, the subject of complaint by Bill Smith, for breach of contract.






Victor Von Woolfe met Gina Campbell a couple of times, also tangling with her in the trademark court. She is the cousin of Don Wales, daughter of Donald Campbell and granddaughter of Sir Malcolm Campbell of K3, Sunbeam and Napier-Railton fame.


Gina was born in 1945. Her father was known to be a womanizer, lothario, or call it what you will, leaving Gina for much of the time to fend for herself, in between marriages. For sure a confusing time for any girl caught up in her father's land and water speed record ambitions. Always chasing the prize money.


Gina Campbell had an offshore power boat racing career and set a water speed record in New Zealand. She is the recipient of the Queen's Service Order. Hence, part of the establishment, that denies English citizens a right to an effective remedy. Now falling to King Charles to correct.


This situation perpetuated by the Head(s) of State, is sinful, mentally torturing his subjects, and must be remedied. Since King Charles is not only the head of the at present dysfunctional government in debt to the tune of 2.4 trillion pounds, but also head of the Church of England. A religion invented by the British butcher, Henry VIII, to enable him to bed multiple wives. Where the Catholic faith would not allow such multiple sexual liaisons in purity. Indeed, as the Prince of Wales, the divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales, while Camilla was still in the picture, is worth a second look, constitutionally. It is high time Britons considered a Written Constitution to replace the at present Constitutional Monarchy, so shot to bits as to Human Rights abuses. Instead of the present system of Gongs, that upset the independence of the Courts.






Gina was fully aware that her cousin, Don Wales, locked Victor out of his own project, with (it is alleged) the cooperation of Lord John Gould of Worth Farm, Uckfield, who had provided a shed in which Victor's BE2 was stored temporarily, pending display in London, at Sir Terence Conran's Bluebird Store.


It took a hearing in the London Patent Court, where return of Victor's vehicle was Ordered. But the 62,000 money claim owed to Victor, was never settled. Instead, goods and services were transferred to another company, to put them out of reach of the creditor. There is a recording and transcript of a conversation between Don Wales and Victor, made during a company meeting in Chichester, as the offices of Alex Spofforth. A school chum of Mr Wales, presumably from his  Eastbourne College days.


Then came the raising and restoration of Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7, by Bill Smith. This project took fifteen years of labour and attendant specialist rebuild of the wreckage, in which Donald lost his life. But, Ruskin Museum refused to honour the terms of an agreement with Mr Smith. It appears, expecting him to do all that work for no reward. At time of writing (25th January 2023) the case continues.






Court Order 10th December 1998, for return of Glassfibre bodywork, chassis and wheels, and not to infringe the right of the Plaintiff in the Registered Design for Bluebird-Electric. Note, that by this time the vehicle had been displayed at the Bluebird Store in London, and at Pendine Sands for Bluebird Holiday Homes. Generating some 155,000 pounds income. Whereas, the money claim attaching was around 62,000 pounds. The Plaintiff subsequently offered to take half the claim @ 31,000. But Don Wales refused to countenance any payment. Preferring to transfer the assets of the Bluebird Electric Limited, to another company, to take them out of reach of the Claimant. It is alleged that such a move may constitute Fraud, under the Theft Act 1968, when viewed against the applicable Company law. There is no statute of limitations in cases of fraud. However, Sussex police refused to look into the allegation of fraud. Instead, they raided the Plaintiff's offices, on the complaint of Don Wales, that such documents were not genuine. On discovery that the documents were genuine. They did not prosecute Don Wales for wasting police time. This is just one element of a claim against Sussex police, alleging institutional discrimination and victimization. Where Sussex police is alleged to have conspired with Wealden District Council's officers, to avoid investigating multiple allegations of Planning Fraud. Don Wales is known to have at least one friend serving as a District Councillor. It is also alleged, the Wealden illegally passed documents they had on file, to Don Wales. These documents have been redacted to protect the identity of the Plaintiff.





According to Wikipedia, on 7 December 2006, Campbell's daughter, formally gifted the recovered wreckage of Bluebird K7 to the Ruskin Museum in Coniston on behalf of the Campbell Family Heritage Trust. In agreement with the trust and the museum, Bill Smith is to organise the restoration of the boat, which is now under way. Now the property of the Ruskin Museum, the intention is to rebuild K7 back to running order circa 4 January 1967. Smith has said that this will take an undisclosed number of years to accomplish.


Gina Campbell commented: "I've decided to secure the future of Bluebird for the people of Coniston, the Ruskin Museum and the people of the world". Museum Director Vicky Slowe spoke of Gina Campbell's generosity and said that: "Bill Smith has assured us he can get Bluebird fully conserved and reconfigured at no cost to the museum. [Not strictly true, as Mr Smith is to enjoy rights of access for around 3 months of the year] As of 2008, K7 is being fully restored by The Bluebird Project, to a very high standard of working condition in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, using a significant proportion of her original fabric, but with a replacement BS Orpheus engine of the same type albeit incorporating many original components." [The jet engine is the main component of the boat, confirming that the K7 is less than 50% original]

As of May 2009, permission had been given for a one-off set of proving trials of Bluebird on Coniston Water, where she would be tested to a safe speed for demonstration purposes only. There was no fixed date given for completion of Bluebird K7 or the trials. Upon restoration, it was planned that K7 would be housed in her own purpose-built wing at the Ruskin Museum in Coniston.

On 20 March 2018 the restoration was featured on the BBC's The One Show, when it was announced that Bluebird K7 would return to the water on Loch Fad, on the Isle of Bute in Scotland, in August 2018 for handling trials. 

In August 2018, initial restoration work on Bluebird was completed. She was transported to Loch Fad where she was refloated on 4 August 2018. Following initial engine trials on 5 August, Bluebird completed a series of test runs on the loch, reaching speeds of about 150 mph (240 km/h). For safety reasons, there are no plans to attempt to reach any higher speeds. 


Shortly after this the dispute began. Fortunately for Bill Smith, the true intention of the Ruskin Museum became clear, before he innocently handed the boat over, without anything in writing to recognize his 25% of each year claim. A bit like a time share. We do not know the ins and outs of the interaction, but as soon as something was requested in writing, that is where the awful truth appears to have surfaced.


Coverage by the BBC is held to be biased, with a slant that does not reflect the true legal situation, but rather sways public perception away from the obvious breach of contract. Painting Mr Smith to be the devil, where it is the other way around. He is the knight in shining armour, come to collect his dues.


Why the 'Beeb' would act so, allegedly, is simply because, Sir Malcolm and Donald Campbell are part of the UK's heritage, and they want you to believe that is all rosy in 'Merry England,' when it is anything but. The same applies to Harry and Meghan, and his publication; "Spare." Which reveals rather more about the royals than they would have you believe.


Then there is Prince Andrew, dashing across the Atlantic routinely, according to the logs, to meet his mate Jeffrey Epstein. Whoa! And the Queen helping to bail him out financially to buy off Virginia (Roberts) Giuffre.


The Campbell dynasty appears to be every bit as murky, if you take the time to look under the bonnet. The actions of the players, may detract somewhat from the performance of their vehicles today, but the records they achieved will be long remembered, and outlive the reputations of those who made those achievements, which the record books will not include.














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