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This true story, is based on real events supported by documentary evidence. It is dedicated to all of those persons who have fought against tyranny and oppression all over the world. Dedicated to the family and friends of the real life "Colonial Bulldog," a South African by birth, who could not possibly be expected to understand the resident evil in the corridors of power - in what can only be described as the embers of a twilight British Empire, and utter disregard for human life, borne of the slave trade mindset, and class system - of which any Royal Family is living proof of.


The same longing for past glory that swept Boris Johnson of 'PartyGate' fame, to power on a raft of deceit, over Brexit finance. The UK being the most corrupt country in the world for money laundering, according to media reports in 2021/22, and bankrupt.


You need only to look at the history of British royalty, to understand the mindset of the, so-called, ruling class - with undeniable links to slavery. Henry VIII set the benchmark when it come to ruthlessness, at 4 1/2 beheadings a day during his reign. And a made up religion to further his sexual appetites. Elizabeth I sent out pirates to rob other ships on the high seas. Not the first or last, but piracy is illegal, and that is how the British Treasury was buoyed up, by stealing from other nations. Then there is the slave trade. The list of official wrongdoing is inconceivable. And ongoing.


To protect 'Bulldog' from further reprisals (as far as able) our hero's name has been changed to Victor Von Woolfe, which you may care to agree is somewhat unusual, but then so to was the protagonists real name. One of the reasons that he became a civil service target in the first place is that he was seen as a foreigner, allegedly. The geographical location our "African Bulldog" chose to settle, was generally intolerant of outsiders who do not conform, questions authority, or does not have an English name or connections. The underlying bias was held to be equal in intensity to that of Jeremy Clarkson's outburst regarding Meghan Markle, on Netflix, for telling the couple's story.


The fact our Colonial was an innovator, was also a factor. By their very nature, creatives and disruptive thought leaders, are not recognised in their own countries: A prophet if you will. Especially, as they tread on established toes.


If you thought discrimination was rife in Africa, with Apartheid, think again. If you think the tortures at Guantánamo Bay are inhumane, try this for size. If you think the slave trade was grotesque, or that Nazism was abhorrent, you are in good company.


Great Britain, built her Empire on stolen treasures, mostly developed using slave labour in the colonies, including North America. Much of which was imported from Africa in specially built, or adapted, slave ships. The most famous of which sailing vessels is La Amistad.


The British Empire is held by many to be the second world order. Adolf Hitler, tried to create the Third Reich, igniting World War Two, but failed, generating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And even though the United Kingdom played a major part in drafting that international agreement guaranteeing the signatories civil liberties, English civil servants and politicians, have worked persistently to remove those rights. But then the British invented Concentration Camps, not as many suppose; Nazi Germany.








CONCENTRATION CAMPS - Following Lord Kitchener's new "Scorched Earth" policy (the burning down all Boer homesteads and farms to stop the aid of Boers), many women and children were forcibly moved to prevent the Boers from re-supplying soldiers from their homes. More camps were built and converted to prisons. This relatively new idea was essentially humane in its planning in London, but ultimately proved brutal due to its lack of proper implementation. "To conquer a nation, first disarm it's citizens."  -  Adolf Hitler 1933






The Spanish first used concentration camps in the Ten Years' War (1868–1878) against Cuba that later led to the Spanish-American War. The United States used them to devastate guerrilla forces during the Philippine-American War. But the concentration camp system of the British, under Kitchener, was on a much larger scale and that is what Hitler and Himmler liked; the scale of the Colonial operation.


Hitler, came to power using terror tactics to silence any political opposition. For this he created the black uniforms for his Gestapo. The danger in any developed country is that when a police force is given carte blanche, they will abuse the rights of anyone who is prepared to stand up against corruption. Enter Victor Von Woolfe, he put his head above the parapet, and became a target. No less than 190 Gestapo style raids ensued. Never mind the cost to the taxpayer. They had to get him. But what does not kill you makes you stronger. And just occasionally, the truth comes to the aid of those the system wants gagged.




In part that explains why the UK has no Article 1 or 13 in their Human Rights Act 1998. Article 13 being the right to an Effective Remedy. The omission was deliberate, callous and inhumane, calculated to deprive those without means of their own, to legal redress. It was Adolf Hitler who said: "To conquer a nation, first disarm it's citizens."


The UK has no Written Constitution, being a Constitutional Monarchy - presently in disarray. Meaning, that the Head of State, currently King Charles III, can sway the independence of the Courts, using the Honours System. Otherwise known as the Old Boys Act. Judges are routinely awarded gongs, for covering up injustices. It's called "Noble Cause Corruption." But there is nothing noble about it.









THE BULLDOG - Politicians rarely tell the truth. That is one reason the UK's National Debt is so high. A lack of forward planning and reserves, and the inability to read world conditions, has led to the cost of living and climate crises. In this story, our hero is a bull mastiff type of character. A hardy breed, that does not shy from a fight, crossed with wolverine cunning, as the tactics of his opponent is catalogued and analyzed. Their zeal for misdirection, trips them up, when inconvenient facts finally rise to the surface. Finally, The Bulldog began to turn the tables on corrupt planning officials, as he took them on and won appeals for those unable to afford expensive lawyers. Actions speak louder than words. The Colonial became a high profile advocate. The Advocate became a target that must be suffocated, no matter how. The stakes were high.





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