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Flop 27, follows FLOP 26, failure to agree binding targets for the love of coal and oil



In the United Kingdom, the buck stops with his Majesty King Charles III, as head of state.




The United Nations is an international organization that was formed after World War Two in 1948, to bring the world together, to be able to work towards recognition and enforcement of Human Rights, protection of the environment and lately, Sustainability Development Goals.


That said, the UN has been sluggish to the point of negligent, in allowing our ice caps to melt, food and energy crises to develop, and air and ocean pollution to threaten all life on the planet. The other major issue is developed nations that persistently violate conventions right leading to long term injustices and mental torture, without any effective remedy. 




Abdel Fattah el-Sisi - Egyptian Prime Minister @ COP27

Action Zone 2022# - SDGs, people for the planet @ the General Assembly September 21-23 2022

Air quality - Rapidly deteriorating breathable air, filled with carcinogens

Alok Sharma - President COP26, Glasgow, Scotland

Anthropocene - The present age of man wreaking havoc on the planet, bordering on extinction

António Guterres - UN Secretary General

Armageddon - The beginning of the end

Banks - Banking on valueless paper currencies (fraud) is fueling global warming

Berne Convention 1979 (Stockholm) - Copyright for literary artistic works

Bioaccumulation - Toxins that build up in a lifeform as they eat lower lifeforms, to poison predators in a food chain

Biodiversity - The variety of life on planet earth

Cannibalism - A social taboo, but in times of mass starvation, a last (& vast) source of protein!


Cartegena Convention - Regional protection and development for the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico 1986

Climate Change, Conferences of the Parties (COPs)

                             COP1, COP2, COP3, COP4, COP5, COP6, COP7, COP8, COP9, COP10, COP11

                        COP12, COP13, COP14, COP15, COP16, COP17, COP18, COP19, COP20, COP21

                        COP22, COP23, COP24, COP25, COP26, COP27, COP28, COP29, COP30, COP31

                        COP 32, COP33, COP34, COP35, COP36, FINI - JUDGMENT DAY

Compensation - COP27 Agenda, Loss & Damage from climate change

Copyright Treaty 1996 - Berne Convention - Authors literary and artistic works

Coronavirus, Covid19 - Cure

Countdown to Extinction - 10 years and counting to theoretical non-reversibility

Crypto currencies - A sort of digital money (sometimes with tokens) without any form of backing or security

Daren Tang - Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Desertification - Where agricultural land is being turned into deserts by human activity

Devaluation - A way to cool economies

Ecocide - Crimes against the environment

Electricity - Clean energy

Energy - Renewables

England South-East - Heritage listings

ESA - European Space Agency

EU Energy Day - COP27

Extinction Rebellion - An activist group that had some effect, and inspired others to actin

Extinctions - The demise of a species, the wiping out of flora or fauna from planet earth, halting reproduction

Financial Slavery - Banks and Governments enslaving productive workers via lending against unaffordable living

Food and Agriculture Organization - Security - Qu Dongyu

Food Standard - A proposal to link money to actual food production

Funding - Budget contributions and deficits

            - Environmental strategic actions

Geneva Convention - Code of conduct during wars

Genocide - The mass extermination of humans of a particular race 

Global Warming - Code red emergency climate change crisis

Gold - Standard, linking paper money to a tangible asset

Green Patents - Social invention for sustainable growth

Greta Thunberg - Child campaigner for climate action: SkolsStrejk For Klimatet

Hague - International court of justice (difficult to access due to limited remit)

Human Rights - Universal Declaration - Council, High Commissioner's Office - UK's track record

Hydrogen - Egyptian agenda to push for clean energy

ICC - Internationale Criminal Penale Court, The Hague, Netherlands

International - Agreements, Monetary Fund

Island Nations @ COP27 - Lobbying for Ecocide to be a recognised crime 6-18 November 2022

Justice, International Courts, The Hague

King Charles III - Buckingham Palace and COP27 - UK injustice & discrimination

Kitack Lim - Secretary General of the UN's International Maritime Organization


Life on Earth - A television documentary with Sir David Attenborough

Lloyds Register - Maritime safety and ocean world risk @ COP27

Maritime Organization, International, IMO

Member Nations

Nazis - Climate Criminals and Crimes against Humanity

Oceans - A to Z

Planet Earth Act - There is no such thing at the moment, but international laws to save our world may be necessary

Plastics - Micro, macro and ghost fishing nets | Resolution to prevent plastic pollution 2022

Pollution of the marine environment with toxin laden plastic litter

Quality of Life

Regional Seas Convention - For the control of marine and coastal pollution

Rishi Sunak - UK Prime Minister October 2022

Rio de Janeiro - Earth Summit June 1992 - Agenda 21, UNCED conference

Rivers - A to Z

Sameh Shoukry - President COP27

Sargassum White Paper - Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity

Satellites - A means of observing the planet, to monitor harm inflicted by humans on humans & the natural world

Security Council

Seventy-Fifth 75th anniversary of the United Nations

Silver Standard - Money system with a real value, over valueless promissory notes

Simon Stiell - UNFCCC executive secretary COP27

Space Travel - Colonization, Exodus to Planet B

Sussex - Herstmonceux Generating Station

Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), United Nations blueprint for 2030: SDG1,

                                               SDG 2, SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG6, SDG7, SDG8,

                                               SDG9, SDG10, SDG11, SDG12, SDG13, SDG14,

                                               SDG15, SDG16, SDG17

Transport - Infrastructure, Mobility

UN75 - United Nations 75th Anniversary

United Nations - Climate Change Conferences of the Parties, COP26 Glasgow, Scotland

                       Agriculture, G20, Housing, IMF, Industry, Politics, Renewable Energy,

                       Transport, World Bank

                       COP26: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, EU, France,

                                  Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia,

                                  Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UK, USA

UN Decade of Ocean Science 2021 - 2030 for Sustainable Development

UN Organization des Unies -

UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, promoting world peace

             - World Heritage Sites A to Z

UNDP - United Nations Development Programme - assisting sustainable economic growth to alleviate poverty

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 - United Nations, Article 1, Article 2,

                                                       Article 3, Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7,

                                                       Article 8, Article 9, Article 10Article 11

                                                       Article 12, Article 13, Article 14, A 15, A 16, A 17,

                                                       A 18, A 19, A 20, A 21, A 22, A 23, A 24, A 25,

                                                       A 26, A 27, A 28, A 29, A 30

Volunteers -

Watchdogs - Telling it like it is

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization - climate unfriendly policies - Convention articles

Work -

World Bank

World Food Programme -

World Health Organization - Director Generals

World Trade Organization - WTO

X Chapter - Economic and Social Council

Yes - It's time to stop the pollution clock

Zero Carbon - Net Zero - 2030 (zero chance) 2040 (fat chance) 2050 (slim chance) 

                   - 2060 (human mass extinctions probable)

Zero Emissions - Clean Air, lacking in infrastructure

Zero Growth - Sustainable circularity - 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060

Zero Waste - Circular economy



The issues of the day are coping with a growing population, climate change, air quality, marine pollution and soil erosion - that will cause food shortages, if we fail to play our part in building a sustainable future based upon a swing towards a more equitable society, perhaps to be helped by removing the ability of banks to over-lend, by linking money supply to agricultural output.


International fossil fueled corruption and perverse policies are major issues to overcome. Until such matters are dealt with, by the UN the world is held to be "up shit creek without a paddle."







Corruption lurks in every corridor of local and national buildings. Queen Elizabeth was asked for help. She declined. The duty to provide an effective remedy, now rests with King Charles


Incompatibility in Human Rights terms, is where one statute does not comply with HR statute. The European Convention does include Article 13, the right to an effective remedy.



The United Kingdom does not yet have a Written Constitution, leaving the justice system open to abuse via the honours system. [R v Sussex Justices 1924] Without justice being available to the ordinary man in the street, fairly, impartially and affordably, Britain can never truly be great again.















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